Why does TrainSplit look different? Rolling out the new-look TrainSplit

Adam Williams

Adam Williams

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We're rolling out the new TrainSplit to more of our visitors. Same splits, same fares engine, same great prices - with a refreshed, modern look. Find out more about our new features, improvements to our mobile experience and plans going forward.

New features

You can pick if you want to view your search results in a grid view, or on a timeline.

The grid view is the same as the old TrainSplit and should be a familiar way to view what journeys you can book for most of our visitors - so we've made it the default. We also have a timeline view you can opt to use instead, we can show more journeys on the screen at once and you can see at a glance how long they take and where you’ll need to change. This can be quite useful for visualising trade-offs between cheaper (but longer) and faster (but more expensive) journey choices, particularly on routes like the West Coast Main Line where multiple operators compete and there are cheaper, slower stopper services to consider.

We've made it even easier to load your tickets onto your phone - in two clicks, you can save to Google Pay from our confirmation screen and your ticket will be synced to your Google Pay wallet on your phone. We'll still email you your e-Ticket PDFs and Apple Wallet links, too.

We've made it easier to tweak search options and find earlier/later journeys without needing to refresh the page, and generally de-cluttered the search results page.

Mobile users will benefit from an improved responsively designed experience throughout the website. The grid in particular has been optimised for display on smaller mobile screens, so that it's easier to see price options at-a-glance:

Screen Shot 2022 05 08 at 23.25.23

What we've not changed

We've not changed our splitting engine, so we'll still be offering you the same great-value prices and journey options you expect from TrainSplit.

Don't just take our word for it, how about an example from Edinburgh to Glasgow on v3:

Screenshot 2022 05 08 at 22 39 42 Split Ticketing with Train Split Mobile App Save up to 90%

And on the older v2 website:

Screenshot 2022 05 08 at 22 38 17 TrainSplit.com   Choose Your Journey

Hopefully this illustration serves to show: Same great prices, same journey options.


Let us know your thoughts by contacting our friendly, UK-based customer support team.

You can currently also return back to the old TrainSplit, if you prefer - but we'd encourage you to give the new site a try.