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Spring flings open its doors across the UK, painting the landscapes in a dazzling display of colour. Flower fields erupt in a breathtaking spectacle, a delight for the senses and a photographer's paradise. Pack your walking boots, a sense of adventure, and get ready to be enchanted by the magic of spring.

Here are some of the best wildflower havens accessible by train, perfect for capturing postcard-worthy moments:

The North York Moors National Park

Trains to North York Moors Np
Image credit: terry boland | Getty Images

Experience a vast wildflower haven within the North York Moors National Park. While there's no single station serving the entire park, several options provide easy access.

Cheap Train Tickets to North York Moors
Image credit: terry boland | Getty Images

To get to the North York Moors National Park by train, you can use several nearby train stations. Here are some options:


Map of rail and bus access routes around the North York Moors area
Image source: North York Moors National Park

Travel Tips:

  • From London: Take a train from London King's Cross station heading towards York. At York station, transfer to a train bound for Scarborough. Disembark at Malton station, located near the park's southern edge. From Malton, you can explore further by train to Scarborough or by bus to various park locations.
  • From Manchester, Leeds, or York: Take a train heading towards York. At York station, you have several options for reaching the park:
    • Southern Moors: Transfer to a train bound for Scarborough. Disembark at Malton station, located near the park's southern edge. From Malton, you can explore further by train to Scarborough or by bus to various park locations.
    • Central Moors: There are no direct train services from York to reach the central areas of the park like Helmsley. However, you can take a train from York to Thirsk and then connect to a bus service reaching Helmsley. 
    • Northern Moors: While Northallerton itself isn't located within the park, there are currently no direct train services reaching the park's northernmost areas like Osmotherley from this station. Here are your options:
      • Bus Service: Connect from Northallerton to a bus service reaching the northern areas like Osmotherley. Research bus routes and timetables in advance, as frequencies might be lower compared to other park areas.
      • Train and Bus Combination: Consider a more indirect route. Take a train from Northallerton to a station closer to the northern moors, like Pickering or Grosmont. From these stations, you can then connect to a bus service reaching specific locations within the northern moors.
  • From Edinburgh: Take a train from Edinburgh to York for a scenic journey through Yorkshire. In York, catch a bus to Pickering, a charming town near the park's heart.

These are just a few examples of routes to the North York Moors National Park by train. Depending on your starting location, there may be other possible routes and stations to consider. It's advisable to check train schedules and routes using the TrainSplit website or app for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Mottisfont House

Trains to Mottisfont House
Image credit: stevegeer | Getty Images Signature

Forget endless tulip fields! Mottisfont House in Hampshire offers a springtime explosion of color beyond the typical. While vibrant tulips like 'Sunny Prince' add a classic touch, prepare to be dazzled by a diverse display of blooms.

Imagine carpets of golden daffodils blanketing the lawns, delicate crocuses peeking through the winter slumber, and vibrant anemones adding pops of color. Fragrant daphnes and witch hazel perfume the air, while vibrant cyclamen and fritillaries add a touch of whimsy.

But that's not all! Picture cherry trees bursting with pink blossoms, snow-white pear trees showcasing their delicate beauty, and candy-pink apple buds promising juicy treats to come. This is a true celebration of spring in all its glory!

Mottisfont House is reachable by train, but be prepared to walk! 

  • Mottisfont & Dunbridge Station: This is the closest station, but it's over a mile away from the house.
  • No taxis at the station: You'll need to pre-arrange a taxi from Romsey if you can't walk.
  • Walking Directions:
    • Head north from the station following signs for Mottisfont.
    • Look for a fingerpost sign directing you to a field path on the right (be aware of livestock).
    • Follow the path uphill through fields and eventually onto a lane called Hatt Lane.
    • Turn right onto Hatt Lane, then right again onto Oakley Road (follow signs).
    • Continue on this quiet country road until you see the visitor car park on your left.

Tip: Pack comfortable shoes and be cautious on the country road (narrow, turns, limited visibility).

Belvoir Castle 

Trains to Belvoir Castle
Image credit: Andyd | Getty Images

Spring is in the air, and what better way to celebrate than with a vibrant May Day Garden Party (4th - 6th May) at the stunning Belvoir Castle? This charming event offers a delightful blend of family fun, horticultural exploration, and a touch of history, making it a perfect day trip for all ages. 

Here's why you should consider adding Belvoir Castle to your spring itinerary:

A Gardener's Delight:

  • Horticultural Inspiration: Immerse yourself in the world of gardening with dedicated activities led by experts. Learn valuable tips and tricks to enhance your own green space, whether you have a sprawling garden or a cosy balcony.
  • Discover New Blooms: Explore the castle grounds adorned with beautiful spring flowers. From classic favorites like daffodils and tulips to hidden gems waiting to be discovered, the May Day Garden Party is a floral feast for the eyes.

Trains to Belvoir
Image credit: Dave Porter | Canva Pro

A Touch of History:

  • Majestic Setting: Belvoir Castle itself is a magnificent piece of history. Explore the surrounding grounds steeped in centuries of tradition and marvel at the architectural grandeur.
  • Encounters with History: Keep your eyes peeled! You might even bump into characters from history roaming the grounds, adding a touch of whimsy and bringing the past to life for visitors of all ages.

Getting There by Train:

  • Nearest Station: Grantham Station
  • Onward Travel: From Grantham, you'll need to arrange a taxi to reach Belvoir Castle.


  • Research Taxi Fares: Especially if travelling with a group, look into taxi fares in advance.
  • Consider Travel Time: While the train journey might be quicker, factor in the additional taxi time when planning your trip.
  • Pack comfortable shoes for exploring the castle grounds and dress according to the weather forecast. Don't forget to bring your camera to capture all the vibrant sights and happy memories!

With its blend of family fun, horticultural inspiration, and a historical setting, Belvoir Castle promises a blooming good time for all!

RHS Garden Wisley

Trains to Rhs Wisley
Image credit: RMAX | Getty Images Signature

RHS Wisley in Surrey transforms into a breathtaking spectacle of color come springtime. Witness clouds of delicate pink and white cherry blossoms, vibrant carpets of golden daffodils (including unique heirloom varieties), and stunning rhododendrons bursting into bloom. Don't miss the elegant camellias or the captivating collection of daffodils, hepaticas, and crocus displayed in the Alpine Display House.

Trains to Wisley
Image credit: DonaldMorgan | Getty Images

The nearest train station to RHS Wisley is Woking. From there, a convenient daily shuttle service takes you directly to the garden entrance for just £2 one way. The bus stop is also located close by, offering easy access to the garden and its cafe.

Save on Admission: Planning a car-free trip to RHS Wisley? Great choice! They reward eco-conscious visitors with a 30% discount on admission. Simply show proof of your train tickets, bus passes, or even your bike helmet at the entrance to claim this special offer. Breathe in the fresh air, enjoy a scenic train journey, and witness a magnificent floral display – all at a budget-friendly price!

Bonus Tip: Download the TrainSplit app to find the cheapest train tickets for your floral adventure. Remember to book your tickets in advance, especially during peak season, to secure the best deals!

Pack comfy walking shoes, a camera, and a sense of adventure! While there are cafes near the garden entrance, it's wise to check opening times beforehand, especially if you plan a picnic.

Top Tip: Pack comfortable walking boots, a camera, and a sense of adventure for exploring these wildflower havens. While some locations have cafes or shops nearby, remember to check opening times before your visit.

Here are a few more flower fields to add to your list, all accessible by train:

    Waddesdon Manor 

    Trains to Waddesdon Manor
    Image credit: sebasebo | Getty Images Pro

    Spring awakens Waddesdon Manor in a vibrant explosion of color! Explore the gardens and be captivated by a dazzling display of early blooms. Imagine carpets of golden daffodils blanketing the lawns, while vibrant crocuses and anemones add pops of color. Fragrant daphnes and witch hazel perfume the air, and whimsical cyclamen and fritillaries bring a touch of magic.

    Stroll through the Aviary and Parterre gardens, where over 50,000 red and yellow tulips create a breathtaking spectacle. Waddesdon Manor, though not a wildflower field in the traditional sense, offers a delightful escape for all ages. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Rothschild mansion and the vibrant spring blooms, promising a springtime celebration sure to leave you blooming with joy! (Entry fees apply to the gardens).

    Travel Tip: Train + Bus: The nearest train station is Aylesbury Vale Parkway, with regular trains running from London Marylebone for a scenic journey. Upon arrival, you have options for continuing your trip to Waddesdon Manor. Catch a bus directly from the station for a budget-friendly option (limited service on Sundays, check timetables in advance). Taxis are also available for a more direct route. Please note: While a walking and cycling path called the Waddesdon Greenway exists between the station and the Manor, a section is currently closed and not recommended for use.

    Norfolk Lavender Fields

    Trains to Norfolk Lavender Fields
    Image credit: Babett Paul | Getty Images

    Spring stretches its vibrant arms well into late May and June, offering unique floral experiences beyond the classic daffodils and tulips. For those seeking an unforgettable sensory adventure, a train ride from King's Lynn Station leads to a breathtaking display – the Norfolk Lavender Fields!

    A Late Spring Spectacle: While lavender isn't your typical spring bloom, these sprawling fields, bursting into color from late June to August, offer a magical extension of the season. Witness rows upon rows of fragrant lavender transform the landscape into a mesmerizing sea of purple. The intoxicating aroma fills the air, creating a truly unique late-spring escape.

    Capture the Ethereal Beauty: Photographers, rejoice! The vibrant purple hues against the clear late-spring sky present a dreamlike backdrop for capturing the essence of this magical time.

    More Than Just Flowers: Explore the on-site shop and discover a treasure trove of lavender-infused delights. From essential oils and soaps to calming candles, find the perfect lavender product to bring home a piece of this fragrant paradise.

    A Relaxing Day Trip: Escape the hustle and bustle with a delightful late-spring adventure. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the fields, soak up the warm sunshine characteristic of the season's end, and breathe in the calming scent of lavender. There's even a cafe on-site perfect for a refreshing drink or a light lunch to fuel your exploration.

    Trains to Norfolk Lavender Fields2
    Image credit: Ioannis Ioannidis | Pexels

    Plan Your Visit:

    • Train and Bus: Enjoy the scenic countryside views as you travel by train to King's Lynn Station. Upon arrival, for a budget-friendly option, hop on a conveniently located Lynx bus (Routes 33, 33A, or 34). The Norfolk Lavender Bus Stop is directly on these routes, making your onward journey to the fragrant fields a breeze.
    • Peak Season: Remember, entry fees apply during peak season (typically July-August). While the exact dates can vary, aim to visit in late June for the best chance to experience the initial late-spring bloom. Check their website for details.
    • Comfortable Shoes: Wear comfortable shoes for exploring the fields.

    The Norfolk Lavender Fields offer a unique late-spring experience, combining breathtaking scenery, fragrant delights, and a chance to unwind amidst nature's beauty as spring gracefully transitions into summer. All aboard for a fragrant escape!

    Extend Your Bloom-Filled Adventure

    While chasing wildflowers is a delightful experience, why not extend your stay and explore the vibrant towns or cities near your chosen fields? From charming bed and breakfasts to luxurious hotels, the UK offers a variety of accommodation options to suit every taste and budget. Whether you seek a historic inn steeped in local character, a modern boutique hotel for a stylish stay, or a cosy guesthouse with a warm welcome, you'll find the perfect place to unwind after a day spent immersed in nature's beauty.

    Budget-Friendly Train Travel Tips for Your Floral Adventure

    Unlock Early Bird Advance Tickets: Planning is key! Train operators in the UK often release tickets months in advance (sometimes up to 12 weeks). Booking early allows you to snag the best fares, especially for popular routes and travel times to your chosen flower fields.

    Master the Art of Split Ticketing: Feeling adventurous? Explore the world of split ticketing! TrainSplit's innovative technology helps you combine different tickets for your journey, often leading to significant savings on longer distances. Unleash your inner travel wizard and find hidden deals!

    Embrace Flexibility: A little flexibility goes a long way! Consider traveling on weekdays or during off-peak hours (typically early mornings, late evenings, or weekends) to find cheaper train tickets. Prices tend to surge during peak travel times and holidays.

    Railcards: Your Discount Key: For frequent travellers or those who meet the eligibility criteria (students, seniors, groups), a Railcard can unlock substantial discounts on train fares across the UK. Explore the different options (Two Together Railcard, Family and Friends Railcard, etc.) and see if one fits your travel profile.

    Digital Railcards: Convenience at Your Fingertips: Ditch the queues and delays! Many Railcards are now available to purchase digitally for added convenience. Buy them directly through TrainSplit and activate them instantly to your account via the app.


    Think Beyond Major Stations: Travelling to a slightly smaller station just outside the city centre can sometimes offer cheaper fares. Book alternative routes and stations near your wildflower destination for surprising savings!

    Travel Apps: Your Pocket-Sized Ticket Guru: Several train travel apps, including TrainSplit, can help you compare prices, find hidden deals, and book your tickets seamlessly on the go. Download them to your smartphone for ultimate convenience.

    Avoid Peak Periods: Be mindful of national holidays and major events in UK cities, as these can significantly inflate train ticket prices. Plan your trip around these periods if possible to secure cheaper fares.

    Embrace the Scenic Journey: Remember, with a little planning, flexibility, and the right tools like TrainSplit, you can unlock a world of affordable train travel. Let the journey itself become part of the experience, and enjoy the stunning landscapes that unfold as you travel by train. Now, get ready to chase spring's dazzling palette and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the UK's wildflower fields!

    Bonus Tip: Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy amidst the vibrant blooms! This not only saves money but also allows you to savor the scenery at your own pace.

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