Check your train’s live status across the site

Josh Davies

Josh Davies

2 min read

We’re constantly working behind the scenes to improve your experience using TrainSplit, and we’ve just introduced live train status information across our new site.

Starting from your initial journey search, we now show you in our grid and timeline views whether a journey is cancelled or delayed, or whether your train is currently scheduled to run according to the timetable. Cancelled journeys are indicated by a red colour with a blocked circle icon and delayed journeys are coloured orange with a warning triangle icon. We show you cancelled journeys for your information - to make you aware of the services that were originally scheduled - but we will also protect you from accidentally buying tickets for cancelled journeys., If you try to buy a delayed journey, we’ll show a warning - we can’t guarantee that there won’t be further delays to your journey along the way.

A grid view showing available journeys between Leamington Spa and Ware, where grid cells are coloured to indicate whether the journey is running on time, delayed or cancelled.

For more complex journeys involving a change, we’ll analyse if your connections can still be made - taking into account the different minimum connection times at each station (e.g. it takes less time to change platforms at Coventry than London Euston). If the journey planner suggests an itinerary with a change, but one train is delayed such that you can no longer make the suggested connection, we will indicate this with a yellow colour and a broken link icon, and stop you from purchasing that journey.

A grid containing 4 cells, each coloured differently with a unique icon to indicate the journey is delayed, cancelled, broken, or the best option available.

Once you move past the journey search page, we provide you opportunities to view your overall journey summary, containing what tickets you are purchasing along with the stops you'll pass and any changes you will make. Here, we will show you the live running time for each stop on the journey - if the train is running early or late you'll see the current expected departure time for each stop, and we will also show you the platform your train is estimated to arrive on or depart from.

A modal showing details of a journey between two stations, containing platform information for each stop alongside live running times showing the train is delayed.

Once you have completed your purchase, you can view your journey on the account page, and access your overall journey summary alongside the live running time of your journey. Click the “View Details” button next to your journey to view the journey summary.

Live data is available a few hours before your train is due to depart, so make sure to check close to the time of travel for the most accurate information. If you already have the summary open, press the refresh button in the top right corner to get the latest information.