Getting an instant refund after disruption

Adam Williams

Adam Williams

2 min read

Earlier this year storms Franklin, Dudley and Eunice heavily impacted the railway’s ability to run services. Disruption to some degree is inevitable, particularly during times of extreme weather - but TrainSplit makes it easy to get an automatic refund if disruption has impacted your ability to travel.

If you have booked to travel, were affected by service cancellations and decided not to travel you can claim an automatic fee-free refund on the TrainSplit refunds website. If you began travelling but had to return back to your origin station and abandon your journey, you are also entitled to a fee-free refund, but your case may require manual review.

If you are able to, then using our online refunds system will mean you get your refund much more quickly and allow our support team to focus on more complex cases.

Step 1: Provide your journey details

To get started, visit the TrainSplit refunds site and enter your booking reference and email address:

Step 2: Indicate that your travel plans were disrupted

If you experienced a service cancellation or your trains were removed from the timetable, you were affected by disruption. Select the radio button:

Step 3: Select the option that describes how your travel plans were impacted

For many of our customers, service cancellations will have been widely advertised in advance of the storm’s arrival.

Depending on your answer, you may be directed to other more appropriate avenues to claim compensation.

Step 4: Accept your fee-free refund

If we are able to automatically confirm your service was disrupted we will offer you an instant fee-free refund. Carefully review the amount to ensure it is correct, and then click the green Accept refund button. That’s it. The money will be refunded to your payment card and credit your bank account within a few working days.

More complex cases

If we cannot confirm from our data sources that your service was cancelled, or industry systems think you may have travelled, the refunds website may ask you to contact our customer support team. We will endeavour to review these requests as soon as possible but ask for your patience due to the increased volumes of queries we are working through.

If you need to, you can always talk to a human by emailing or using the help feature built into the Android and iOS TrainSplit apps.