3CB SWR Corporate Anytime Day Return

SWR Corporate fares are available to selected corporate customers and not available to the public.


Fares are available through selected retailers for selected corporate clients and not available to the public.

Tickets can be bought in advance or immediately before travel.


Break of Journey

Change of Journey

If you wish to change the date of travel, or the origin or destination of your ticket, you will need to contact the original retailer.


Your ticket is refundable. If you decide not to use your ticket to make all or part of your intended journey then you can get a refund by returning your unused ticket to the ticket office or place of purchase (for tickets bought via websites, telesales or travel agents) within 28 days of the ticket expiry date.

You may be required to pay an administration fee (up to a maximum of £5 per ticket). The refund amount will normally take into account any use you have made of the ticket and in some circumstances no refund will be paid.

Validity and reservation requirements

Reservations are not required by this ticket type, but may still be forced by a selected timetabled mandatory-reservations train service.

Outward validity summary
Return validity summary