FL1 Flexi Season Ticket

A Flexi Season ticket provides customers with 8 days of travel in 28 days - any time between two named stations.

The 8 days of travel doesn't need to be specified in advance, giving part-time commuters more flexibility to travel when they want and need.

The Flexi Season ticket will offer a minimum of 20% discount on an equivalent Monthly Season ticket, offering savings for commuters travelling during peak times, 2-3 days a week.

Flexi Season tickets will be available as either a Smartcard or Barcode ticket, check with your train operator to see what they offer. If you don't have a Smartcard then please allow plenty of time to get one before you travel - they can take up to 5 days to arrive by post.


Online, Ticket Office and TVM


16-17 Saver and Jobcentre Plus Discount Travel Card only

Break of Journey

Change of Journey

It is not possible to change your journey. Any outstanding days' worth of travel should be refunded and a new Flexi Season Ticket purchased.


Flexi Season Ticket is refundable within it's period of validity. A deduction from the amount paid will be made to cover each days' worth of travel already used, and an administration charge of no more than £10.

Validity and reservation requirements

Reservations are not required by this ticket type, but may still be forced by a selected timetabled mandatory-reservations train service.

Outward validity summary
Return validity summary