ZN4 Strathclyde PTE Zonecard

Multi-modal Season Ticket for Strathclyde PTE zones.

The ZoneCard is a flexible season ticket for unlimited travel by train, Glasgow Subway, most buses (not night buses or X4) and some ferries in the Strathclyde region. ZoneCard may be used wherever you see the ZoneCard logo.

There are 12 zones in the Strathclyde PTE area. Minimum purchase is 2 zones; (If you hold a valid ticket for either G1 or G2 and wish to travel in an outer Glasgow zone (G3 to G8) a minimum of Three zones is required). Maximum purchase is all zones.

ZoneCard is valid from Sunday to Saturday.

ZNW - weekly

ZN4 - 4 weekly

ZNT - 10 weeks

ZNA - Annual

(only the above periods of availability are offered)


Scotrail station ticket offices or travel centres.

SPT Travel Shops or SPT website.

Additionally, existing card holders can renew at selected newsagents and convenicence stores in the Glasgow area.

ZoneCard is valid from Sunday to Saturday.

For a first time purchase, you can buy one on the Saturday prior to its validity (although the ticket will not be valid for use until the following day). First time purchase will require production of a passport sized photograph.

Existing users can renew their Zonecard from the Thursday preceding the expiry date of your ticket. Existing Photocard required for renewals.


Only 1 and 4 week Season Zonecards.

Only 2, 3, 4, 5 or all zones Zonecards.

See SPT website for more details.

No discounts.

No discounts.

Break of Journey

Change of Journey



Refunds or replacements for lost or stolen ZoneCards cannot be given, therefore insurance is recommended.

No refunds will be given on weekly tickets.

Refunds are only available on unused complete weeks of all other tickets and an administration fee of £3.00 will be charged. To obtain a refund you should post your ZoneCard to:

The Survey and Data Section,

SPT, Consort House,

12 West George Street


G2 1HN

or deliver your ZoneCard to any SPT travel centre.

Validity and reservation requirements

Reservations are not required by this ticket type, but may still be forced by a selected timetabled mandatory-reservations train service.

Outward validity summary
Return validity summary